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How to Detect Which Apps Are Draining Your iPhone Battery

Our lives are slowly but steadily getting more and more dependent on electronics. A smartphone has become one of the most important and integral part of our life. We are way past the days when we would have to memorize contact numbers, ask around for directions, carry a camera to click photographs and get a review of a restaurant through word of mouth. With a smartphone, all of these are available at our fingertips. However, more than these devices, our lives revolve around the batteries that power these devices.


iPhone and battery issues seem to be going hand in hand. As the charge slowly leaves your iPhone, you keep hoping that there was some way through which you could prolong its life. The simplest way to increase your battery life and in turn your phone’s performance is through identifying the apps that are draining your battery and turning it off. This will save up your battery’s juice thereby powering up your device for a longer duration.

Steps to identify apps that are always running

Apps that are constantly running on your phone take up the most battery. Even if you have exited the app, chances are that they will be running in the background and constantly syncing or checking information to notify you of any message or downloaded data. Furthermore, some apps keep your screen on while other apps, like the ones that run games or play videos, can put a strain on your phone’s internal processor.

You may not have to stop using these apps, but it is important to identify the apps that are always running. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the settings of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll below until you find the option for “General” settings
  3. Tap on Background App Refresh.
  4. Your phone will now display a list of all the apps that can refresh their content when you are connected over a cellular or WiFi network. If you do not use the particular app as often, you may turn off the app as it will preserve your battery.
  5. Tap on the toggle switch to turn the app refresh on. The switch will go from green to white.

Steps to identify the battery draining apps

You can easily identify the apps that are draining your battery. Here is how you can check the list of apps:

  1. Launch the settings of your iPhone
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. You can see the battery usage of your phone and the percentage of battery that has been used up each app for the past 24 hours.
  4. You can also preview the amount or percentage of battery used for the entire previous week too.
  5. When you tap on the app’s name, you can see the breakdown of how much of the battery was drained due to the active use of the app and how much of it occurred due to the app running in the background.
  6. If an app is taking up too much battery while being used in the background, you can turn it off especially if you do not need constant updates from the app. Do so by following the steps given above.

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